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BioDisc Developer
Dr. Ian Lyons

How Bio Disc comes into existence?

Dr. Ian developed the Bio technology originally to use it in his hydrotherapy pool for his heart transplant patients. It is used to remove the effects of chlorine from water. The chlorine used in the hydrotherapy pool would not let the open wound heal. Furthermore, the chlorine effects coming off the water was causing asthmatic conditions to the lungs of the heart transplant patient.

Dr Ian was a heart transplant surgeon in the British army before the age of 25. But he left the army and did a soul searching. He ended up in India and then to Nepal. He met two monks in a bus in Nepal and followed the monks to their monastery in Tibet. Dr. Ian spent 2 years with the monks in the monastery.

There, Dr Ian being a medical professional, was fascinated by the way the monks who treated ill people with only water. From his observation, he noted that the monks only used water and it's sufficient to heal most illness.

After 2 years in the monastery, the monks told Dr. Ian to leave as he is required to "heal the world with water". Dr. Ian then went on to work on SPAs, swimming pools, health farms and created water related machines known as vivifiers at University of Hamburg in Germany. These were big machines costing millions of dollars that gave back water it's natural life-force energy. It's a result of more than 25 years of research and development.

Water Vivifiers mainly consist of special composition of natural minerals (Nano-crystals) that creates a harmonising resonance field. This enable water to restructure its molecules. The result is re-vitalised water. Water that are comparable to spring water with highly improved physical and biological qualities.

The process of miniaturisation of the vivifiers materialize the product what we now called Bio Disc. According to Dr Ian Lyons, the Bio Disc is made of 14 natural minerals. Basically it is from basalt and other natural mineral particles, including diamonds, from the volcanic sub-strata of certain alpine regions and treated and arranged in a particular form that causes energy to be emitted in a spinning vortex, resulting in the desired field-effect. This energy in turn causes the changes in the water molecules and clusters to form, which are characteristic of energized, living water. In this process the molecular structure of the water transfers from the energy-depleting left-hand spin to the energising and vitalising right-hand spin.

Dr. Ian Lyons, is a managing director of Quantum Intelligence Sdn Bhd (Co. Ref. 144660-V ) in Kuala Lumpur that imports Bio Disc from SCHOTT AG Grunenplan Plant in Germany.


Common Facts about Bio Disc

Fact 1 : Made out of special glass material the same as found in front of the Space Shuttle.

Fact 2 : Embedded with 14 minerals in glass through high heat fusion and nanotechnology.

Fact 3 : These mineral generates a natural lifeforce bio-frequency resonance also known as 'chi' energy. Prognos machine has tested its positive energy emitting capability.

Fact 4 : Able to withstand temperature of 3000 degrees Celsius.

Fact 5 : Portable size. No power source is required.

Fact 6 : Made of glass. If it drops, most likely it will break into 2 pieces or more -- fragile. Broken Bio Disc can still be used without losing its strength when the pieces are tapped together at its edge. Do not used glue that is made of different material and affects the bio-frequency resonance.

Fact 7 : All the swimming pools of the 6-star Burj-al-Arab Hotel in Dubai, uses the the same technology of the BioDisc to energise their swimming pool water. Chlorine is still there but its taste and smell are masked from the swimmers' senses.

Fact 8 : Rose farmers in Australia uses BioDisc technology to create energised water from the desert salt water to be used in their farms land.

Fact 9 : The BioDisc is a wellness device - it doesn't heal, the body heals by itself when detoxification process occurs through drinking bio-energised water.








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