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QUESTNET PRODUCTS : NEW! Click here for Price list

The product can be purchased online through e-Commerce and it will be delivered to your office or house's door-step by courier!


Some of the New Products! (Click on the picture to view product specification)

Allah Chi Pendant (USD670)

Om Chi Pendant (USD670)

Cross Chi Pendant (USD670) Allah Diamond Pendant (USD1290)

Amezcua Bath Shower Shell (USD420)

Amezcua Pewter Bio Disc (USD400)

Amezcua Chi Straw Tube (USD360)

 Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Coin Set (USD1550)




Lifestyle, Membership Cards and Health Product

Amezcua Elite Membership (AWM03)
Amezcua Gold Membership (AWM05)
Amezcua Silver Membership (AWM04)
Cordyceps Men Program (AWHS1)

Ch'i Energy Pendant (BPD01)
Cordyceps Women Program (AWHS2)
Bio Disc (AWC02)
Ch'i Energy Pendant and Bio Disc Combo (BBD01) 1 Set
  Bio Disc (AWC14) 2 PCS


Chi Energy Pendant and Bio Disc Combo (PBBD1) - Pickup Only

Bio Disc (AWC15) - Pickup Only
Bio Disc (AWC07) - Pickup Only
Chi Energy Pendant (PBPD1) - Pickup Only


Wellness Product




In-Voice Account (GTK14) Standard

Pirelli In-Voice Mobile with 1 QUV (PIM22)

The Shark Phone - Lite (TS001)

In-Voice Starter Pack with 1 QUV (GTK19)

In-Voice Value Package (GTK17)





Apollo Chronograph Watch (G104W)
Ultra Slim Watch (G105W)

Admiral Chronograph Watch (G098W)

Winglet Chronograph Watch (G106W)

Ulysses Gentlemen's Watch (G101W)

Quadretto Ladies' Watch (L081W)

Optima Ladies Watch (L085W)



Reserve De Marche Watch (RDMW1)



Coins, Medallions, Ladies watches, Necklaces

Philatelic Treasures of the World (PLTS9)

Diamond Twist Pendant (DTTP8)

Noble Diamond Cross Pendant (NDCP8)

Cosmo Diamond Necklace (CMDN1)

Triumph Diamond Pendant (TDMP8)

Light of the World Commemorative Coin (LIWC1)
Classima Ladies' Watch with 1 QUV (L078W)
John Paul II The Great Coin Set (PO2C9)

Year of the Pig Commemorative Coin (BHPC6)
Riviera Ladies' Watch with 1 QUV (L080W)



Holiday Membership Cards


Diamond Vacation Club Membership (QVDV1)
Gold Vacation Club Membership Plus (QVGV2)
Platinum Vacation Club Membership (QVPV1)

Rompin Nature Retreat (QVER3)

Gold Vacation Club Membership (QVGV1)

Solitaire Classic (QVSC1)

Diamond Vacation Club Membership Plus (QVDV2)
Solitaire Premier (QVSP1)

Platinum Vacation Club Membership Plus (QVPV2)

Sampai Jumpa (QVPJ1)


Click here for Price list

If you are interested in any of the above products,  you can buy directly from QUESTNET through e-Commerce!

Please visit the "How to Buy" page for guidance.

More product can be viewed at QuestNet Products Page.


(Last Update : 9-8-2008)



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